Meet the New Principal with Dr. Sam Sircey Part 2

Join us for part two of our incredible interview with Dr. Sam Sircey!
Show Notes, Episode 91: Meet the New Principal with Dr. Sam Sircey Part 2

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I’m working with three new principals this year. They are all first-year principals in new schools, two of them in a new district. Going to a new school is never easy, not for a new principal, not for a new assistant principal. However, most of you listening have either gone through that experience or will go through that experience or both. Today, we have an experienced principal with us who is also in a new school this year, and she is going to help us think about leading in a new school.

Notable Quotes

Dr. Sircey

Being mindful and present and being on the journey with them not in front of them, not behind them, just with them.

I think the best advice is to be very honest with the new administration and if something doesn't feel good, or look good, feels like you're crossing a line, be professional and bring that to the table in a setting and establish that relationship.

Principals are teachers at heart and we love growing other people to take our jobs and that's what I hope I do with my.

Don't lose sight of your passion and why you do this job every day. It's heavy at times. But the outcome is important. And you're not alone.


I always think of the principles as a lighthouse… But that's not enough either, because you also have to be helping people, really helping the situation really get better, and supporting people. Because if you're just a lighthouse, then you're rah rah.

If you have a principal that's in there Friday afternoon if you have that opportunity that's the time because your principal is not been able to process all of this stuff all week long and now the quiet comes and now there's that moment and if you can be in there, if you're an assistant principal and you're wanting to grow and you can be in there. Just to listen, a lot of times you're going to learn so much and the relationship that you can form becomes really special.

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Meet the New Principal with Dr. Sam Sircey Part 2
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