Interview Tip: Tell the Story that Drives You!

Interview Tip: Tell the Story that Drives You!
The Big Idea
·       Interview tips for aspiring APs (Dos vs. don'ts, or any stories of a successful interview or an interview that did not go well)

o   Remember you are interviewing them

o   Be authentic – if you compromise in the interview you can never get it back

o   Tell what you have done, not what you would do

o   Tell the story that drives you


·       What catches the attention of an interview committee that makes them say "we got our person?" I know a lot is influenced based on needs and fit. What do you look for?

o   When they tell you it wasn’t the right fit…

o   The story; what you have done already; lighthouse

o   If you don’t “fit the part” educate them


·       What questions should aspiring APs ask in an interview? 

o   Ask “what are you looking for in terms of complimenting the team which already exists?”

o   What are your expectations of the AP for instructional leadership?

o   What opportunities are there for me to grow?

o   “If you hired me, and I did a great job, what would that look and sound like? How will you determine if I did a great job?”

o   What is your approach to discipline?


·       What are areas in which first-time APs tend to struggle? 

o   Taking other people’s monkeys

o   Doing what others can do

o   Missing small opportunities for instructional leadership

o   Getting caught in urgent leadership

o   Failing to be a lighthouse

o   Focusing on tasks instead of people (forgetting your purpose)

o   Not nurturing your ECTs


·       Discussion on staying positive when getting rejected or not finding that first AP job. I have moments feeling this, but fortunately, I have a supporting wife and dad (former educator, and administrator). I've seen this topic being posted a lot on Facebook groups recently. 

o   Fit, fit, fit, and it goes both ways

o   “When you put a good person in a bad organization, the organization wins” (Mary Hemphill, Limitless Leader)

o   Build your support network now (leader, peers, advocate, mentor)

o   Ask for feedback

o   Every “no” is one step closer to a “yes.”

o   Life doesn’t run on your time or plan

o   My experience applying to WCU


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Interview Tip: Tell the Story that Drives You!
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