A Human Approach to Schooling with Dr. Faiza Jamil

A Human Approach to Schooling with Dr. Faiza Jamil
Power Quote: We lose our ability to see the whole
You can think of today’s show as a bit of a thought experiment. What changes if we make relationships, at every level of the school, THE priority? It is a thought experiment, but we also have lots of experience that tells us how that experiment could turn out.
Guest Bio:
Faiza M. Jamil is a former K-12 teacher and currently serves as Associate Professor of Education and Human Development in the area of Learning Sciences at Clemson University. Jamil is the Founding Director of the Contexts of Learning and Development Lab, where she conducts interdisciplinary research with a focus on educational equity across learning contexts. She is the author of Public Education in Turbulent Times: Innovative Strategies for Leadership and Learning.
Warmup questions:
·      We always like to start with a celebration. What are you celebrating today?
·      Is there a story that will help listeners understand why you are doing what you do?
·      Talk about importance of being colleagues and investing time together
·      School purpose => individual purpose
o   How do we prioritize the relationship piece
o   Task v person
o   CIRCLE model
·      Mindset shift
·      Mental health
Closing questions:
·      What part of your own leadership are you still trying to get better at?
·      If listeners could take just one thing away from today’s podcast, what would it be?
·      Before we go, is there anything else that you’d like to share with our listeners?
·      Where can people learn more about you and your work…
·      We covered a lot of ground today. I encourage you to do three things:
o   Monitor your own inner dialog – when you say you don’t have time to listen, to build relationships, what are you actually doing instead?
o   Begin asking people – teachers and students – “what would make school better for you?”
o   Use your expertise to ask powerful questions instead of goving powerful answers.
·      Leadership is a journey and thank you for choosing to walk some of this magical path with me.
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·      Have a great rest of the week, be present for others and, more importantly, take time to reflect and recover so you can continue to live and lead better.
·      Cheers!
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A Human Approach to Schooling with Dr. Faiza Jamil
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