Reclaiming Purpose with Frederick and Mara

Today’s show is guest hosted by Mara Buskey, the Inclusion Strategist at Strategic Leadership Consulting. Frederick’s new book, A School Leader’s Guide to Reclaiming Purpose, is out and we thought it would be fun to celebrate by turning the tables and having Mara be the guest host to interview Frederick about the book. Enjoy!
Guest Bio:
Frederick Buskey helps assistant principals live and lead better. Building on 32 years of k-12 and higher education leadership experience, Dr. Buskey provides simple frameworks and tools to help school leaders spend less time putting out fires and invest more time in growing teachers. Dr. Buskey hosts The Assistant Principal Podcast, writes a daily leadership email, and hosts courses for leaders at his Strategic Leadership Academy. He has recently released his first book, A School Leader’s Guide to Reclaiming Purpose. Read more about Dr. Buskey on his website and connect with him on LinkedIn.
Warmup questions:
·      We always like to start with a celebration. What are you celebrating today?
·      Is there a story that will help listeners understand why you are doing what you do?
·      What inspired you to write this book? 
·      Who is this book for?/How would you describe your book’s ideal reader?
·      What is the most difficult part of your writing process? 
·      What is the best way to read this book? 
·      What is a significant way your book has changed since the first draft? 
·      How do you celebrate when you finish your book? 
·      What is the most valuable piece of advice you’ve been given about writing?
·      What has helped or hindered you most when writing this book? 
·      Has writing and publishing a book changed the way you see yourself?
·      When a reader finishes this book, what is your desired outcome? What do you envision they do with your words/lessons?
Closing questions:
·      What part of your own leadership are you still trying to get better at?
·      If listeners could take just one thing away from today’s podcast, what would it be?
·      Before we go, is there anything else that you’d like to share with our listeners?
·      Where can people learn more about you and your work…
·      Leadership is a journey and thank you for choosing to walk some of this magical path with me.
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·      Have a great rest of the week, be present for others and, more importantly, take time to reflect and recover so you can continue to live and lead better.
·      Cheers!
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