CRABS – A Coaching Call with Mitchell Hall

Today’s show is completely different from anything I’ve done in the past. Our guest took my free course on building a positive classroom culture and reached out to share how he used what he learned and to pick my brain about next steps, so what you are going to hear today is a coaching call of sorts. Before we dive into the call, I need to set the context for you by providing an overview of the course. The free course (link in the show notes), serves as….·      Frameworks around using different forms of power to have different kinds of influence on students·      Constructive ways to respond to safety events·      Overview of the elements of good classroom procedure and the process for teaching, rehearsing, and supporting procedures. In the call, we talk about:·      The value of beginning class routine, even in small group pullout class·      How intentionally teaching a procedure for doing group work helps kids work better in groups·      Mitchell is teaching the group process in his pullouts but it is spilling into the regular classrooms – how powerful is that? Imagine…·      You will hear me reference “Reteach, rehearse, and supports” – those are specific concepts I share in the course·      What I model is how an AP can have a discussion with a teacher about creating a better classroom culture, specifically though creating a procedure for group work. Notice how having a common framework, language, and expectations for procedures makes this conversation so much easier and more collaborative!
Guest Bio:
Mitchell Hall is a certified Gifted and Talented Education Specialist with Garrett County Public Schools in western Maryland.  He has been recognized at the state level for his role as a teacher leader in the field of Gifted and Talented education.  Mitchell is also an aspiring school leader, and recently obtained his school administrator licensure.  He is currently in his 17th year of teaching, and has had a broad range of roles; he's taught history, special education, and gifted and talented, and has served as administrator-in-residence.  In his current position, he teaches in multiple buildings each week to deliver Primary Talent Development and GT lessons in grades pre-k through 5.
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CRABS – A Coaching Call with Mitchell Hall
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