The Power of Presence with Kelly Scarbrough

Show Notes, Episode 184: The Power of Presence with Kelly Scarbrough
It’s always fun to sit down with another consultant or author and dive into their field of expertise to find powerful ideas and tools you can use to improve your life and leadership. However, some of the best ideas come, not from experts, but from you, and our other colleagues who are still in classrooms and buildings. Today’s conversation meanders like a pleasant stroll alongside a slow-moving stream, and like any fall time hike in the Smokey Mountains, it possesses its own beauty and splendor.

Kelly Scarbrough has been an educator of 17 years. She has invested her career teaching primary grades and building a foundation and love of learning. In January, she opens a new chapter in beginning her doctoral studies in educational leadership. Kelly has a passion for servant leadership and believes that leading with empathy and a genuine desire to serve others fosters authentic, deep relationships and cultivates positive change. While Kelly is a full-time teacher, she is also excited to continue her journey as she continues to grow as an educator and leader!

Notable Quotes
  • “People’s beliefs in me have helped mold me into believing I can do it.”
  •  “There’s a lot that’s going on and teachers want to feel supported through it.”
  •  “I know how to sit quiet and listen.”
  • “There is trust amongst our team and it makes such a difference in how we work together.”
  • “He was okay saying ‘I don’t know’ and that impacted the staff greatly… we appreciated that in him.”
  • “As I am developing myself as a leader, I am finding much more appreciation for the diversity in knowledge others bring about.”
  •  “Presence makes all the difference”

  • “We can all lead no matter where we are.”
  • “Clarify to people, ‘What do you need out of this today?’”
  • “When there is so much going on, the power of presence actually increases.”
  • “Presence is the gift – you don’t need to fill the space you create.”
  • “If we are going to do something, that means there is something else we can’t do!”
  • “What are the pieces in this new initiative… that align with where we are already going?”
  • “When I’m vulnerable, I’m saying, ‘I trust you.’”
  • “That focus on you as a person actually made a difference on you as a teacher.”
  • ‘Here’s what the tip looks like, but what’s happening underneath the water?”

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The Power of Presence with Kelly Scarbrough
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