Lean in and Listen with Alex Auriemma

177: Leaning In and Listen with Alex Auriemma
About this show (Teaser from outline)
I am keeping this teaser short because I cannot wait to get into today’s conversation. Back in August I encouraged listeners to ask their veteran teachers three questions. The questions were designed to help you learn more about your teachers and to help them feel listened to and valued. Today’s guest, a practicing assistant principal, used those questions and she’s here to share how it went, what she learned, and what her next steps will be.

Notable Quotes
Guest: Alex Auriemma
  • “It’s not just something I did with my 22 teachers, it’s something we, collectively as a cabinet, have done with all our teachers…”
  • “It was so great to hear teachers gloat about what makes them awesome!”
  • “The sequencing of the questions is the magic to the sauce”
  • “It was so much of me not leading; it was them just sharing.”
  • “It’s not a me conversation, it’s an us conversation.”
  • Having theses conversations… I just was present. My commitment is to stay that present.”

  • “It was something very important because it said, “I hear you, I see you, I value you.”
  • “Any time we can take a practice and do it as a leadership team collectively, it just amplifies the benefit.”

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Lean in and Listen with Alex Auriemma
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