What’s Getting in the Way? with Caitlin Mitchell

Today’s show will touch on a number of important things:·      Why do great teachers leave their schools, or education?    What makes a great leader?   If you don’t trust a teacher to manage their own growth, what can you do about it?     What do teachers want?If any of those sound interesting to you, then you should definitely enjoy today’s show!

Notable Quotes
Guest: Caitlin Mitchell
“But I wasn't getting a ton of support from my admin and about three and a half years into being a teacher, I left”

I knew that I had to do something differently because the system of education was not going to change. So I needed to show up differently as an educator in order to allow myself to be insulated, if you will, from this larger system of education.

what we hear from our teachers all the time is a lack of trust and a lack of autonomy in their decision making.

If you really step back and take a look at what actions are you showing are your actions aligning with the beliefs and the values and the words that you're saying?

“Let's remove the ‘me’ in this equation as the assistant principal.”

“The quality of our life is determined by the quality of the questions that we ask.”

A players don’t want to work for B leaders

With great leadership comes belief in self



one thing we want assistant principals to get better at is aligning those systems to make it easier for teachers to do the work they know how to do.

we get so accustomed to thinking we have to have the answers, right? We help people because we have the answers. And that is the absolute reverse thing that we need to be doing with our veteran teachers. Well, any of our teachers, our teachers have the answers. So instead of asking, we need to be, instead of Telling we need to be listening.

The value is not in that telling it's in the listening.

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