Tech as a tool for supporting teachers with Jessica Preisig

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Show Title: Tech as a tool for supporting teachers with Jessica Preisig
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Talking about technology in education elicits a range of responses from enthusiastic embraces to gag reflexes, and on either end of the spectrum technology can be problematic. However, with some mindful planning and intention, technology can be a powerful took in helping you to facilitate teacher growth. Today’s wonderful guest is going to help us look at the role of technology being a partner for teacher growth.
Guest Bio
Jessica Preisig serves as the Assistant Superintendent for Technology Services in the School District of Pickens County. During her 20 years as an educator, Jessica has served as a classroom teacher, instructional technology coach, school administrator and district leader. Jessica earned her initial undergraduate and master's degrees from the University of South Carolina prior to moving to upstate South Carolina, where she obtained an EdS in Administration and Supervision from Clemson University – where I might had she had some amazing professors(!) – and she is now back at Clemson working on her doctorate.
·      “Every time technology is working it’s a celebration!”
·      “I got to see k-12 education with teachers through all the levels.”
·      “The way I approached evaluation was more as a growth opportunity.”
·      “Intentionally integrate instructional technology that teachers would use in their classrooms, in out instructional work with teachers.”
·      “People hear what they want to hear.”
·      “When you can link to the things they want to learn, they are more receptive to feedback.”
·      “How do we provide resources to teachers that help them have agency over their own learning?”
·      “We sometimes miss opportunities to piggy back onto that [formal evaluation] and ask, ‘How do we want to grow?’”
·      “Because you were asking the questions, you were listening.”
·      “You can feel like the processes are confining you, but you can leverage them.”
·      “If I know you are here to help me get better in the ways I want to get better, then I’m invested.”
As we wrap up, I have two important questions for you.
First, what part of your own leadership are you still trying to get better at?
If listeners could take just one thing away from today’s podcast, what would it be?
Before we go, is there anything else that you’d like to share with our listeners?
Show Outro
As the one big takeaway, Jessica pointed to “leaning in and walking beside people.” And if you think back to what you have heard throughout the episode, that was the constant theme. In a sense, this episode wasn’t about technology – it was about partnering with teachers and helping the grow. The technology is simply a tool to help us do that. I hope you’ll reflect more on that today and think critically about how technology can help you support and grow your teachers.
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I’m Frederick Buskey and thank you again for joining me on this episode of the Assistant Principal Podcast. Cheers!
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Tech as a tool for supporting teachers with Jessica Preisig
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