Being a human is being imperfect with Dr. Efraín Martínez

Being a human is being imperfect with Dr. Efraín Martínez, No. 165
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We all have stories about where we came from, how we grew up, and the people we’ve walked our journeys with. We have joys and traumas that inform how we see out world, and how we see others in our world. Today we’ll go beneath those stories and look at what it means to lead, as someone who has their own stories, and what it means to lead people who have their own stories.
Guest Bio
Dr. Efraín Martínez is a father, husband, principal, and podcaster, who is always in search of wisdom and he has found productivity, to be a great tool for success. He's the host of Wisdom & Productivity: The Podcast of an Imperfect Educator. And I will add, he is an incredibly deep and soulful human being.
·      “Everyday that I am on this earth I want to be grateful for what I have…”
·      “This is a web of stories... life only makes sense when you look back and connect the docks.”
·      “I am the adult who still thinks he is the kid who is trying to get the most out of life.” 
·      “Build a monument with the rocks people throw at you.” (citing Siddharth Sood)
·      “When you run your school like a business, you are doomed to fail.”
·      “Connecting with the humanity of the people you are leading … is the best that we can do to move our schools forward.”
·      “When you tell people they need to do something they will want to do the opposite!”
·      “The best teacher in the building is not the principal.”
·      “Being human is being imperfect.”
·      “Teachers know their own answers, they just need someone to listen to them.”
·      “You can fool the world, but you cannot fool yourself.”
·      “Meditation is like a workout.. that is so unique.. but when you take a moment to focus only on your breath… you start realizing how powerless you are… you start focusing on listening to others.”
·      “In my arrogance, I thought if I just could mold people to be like me, would be good… because I thought I had all the answers.”
·      “When we truly care for other people, then we help them grow in the direction they want to grow in, not the direction we want them to grow in.” (citing Milton Mayeroff)
·      “You need to listen to people’s stories in order to know how to support them.”
·      “As soon as we understand that to be human is to be imperfect, we can let go of that idea of being perfect, and when we can do that… we stop talking so much and we listen more.”
·      “When we decide to give grace, a lot of judgment can roll off of us, and then I can be more present.. and then we can meet them where they are.”  
·      “When we forgive others, the gift is to ourselves, because we give ourself permission to put all the crosses down.”
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Being a human is being imperfect with Dr. Efraín Martínez
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