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Ask 100 school leaders for their best piece of wisdom and the majority of respondents will likely tell you that it is all about relationships. That’s great, but how do you turn “its all about relationships” into a strategy you can execute every day? It is surprisingly simple, and if you are a regular listener, you may already know the answer. I’ll be sharing some experiences from my summer hiking trip and if you make it to the end you’ll hear three specific techniques for executing this simple strategy.  
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A wonderful podcast with Efrain Martinez’s Wisdom and Productivity Podcast. Efrain asks some great questions, beginning with “Who are you?” which is one of those questions that is like an onion. The podcast episode isn’t out yet, but I’ll put a link to the YouTube broadcast in the show notes.
The Big Idea
The past week has been bumpy here at Strategic Leadership Consulting and I’ve had trouble choosing a topic for this week. I’m now recording this on Monday afternoon, which means I am way behind schedule, and so I have had to make a decision. I’m not sure if I made the best choice, but regardless of the timing this should be valuable.
·      Recap PW
·      Highlight that I keep sharing
·      Being fully present
·      Malham Cove
·      High Cup to Garrigil via Cross Fell, Great Dunn Fell, and Knock Fell, 20 miles, 3000 meters
·      The moors
·      Contentment
·      The power of presence:
o   See and hear what is there
o   Appreciate the small beauties
·      When we can see and hear people… we can serve them
·      When we appreciate the small beauties… we can celebrate them
·      Without any other interventions, growing others, and celebrating the numerous wins we have every day, will have powerful positive impacts on teaching. Learning, and your building culture.
·      Simple, but hard
·      Practices to sustain presence:
o   Morning grounding and intention
o   Asking the second question
o   5-minute coaching
Show Outro
Thank you for being present with me.
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I’m Frederick Buskey and thank you again for joining me on this episode of the Assistant Principal Podcast. 
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