Making Deposits with Lisa Parry

We assume that being an educational leader revolves around making deposits. What I mean is that we invest our time supporting and growing others. When we help others, we are, usually, making deposits. There will come a time however, when we need to make a withdrawal – when we need to have someone do something they don’t want to do or have a conversation they don’t want to have. This pattern of making deposits and withdrawals applies to our interactions with parents, students, teachers, and likely other leaders. I’m getting ahead of myself because the actual topic of today’s show is supporting teachers in their 3-5 years. However, the theme that will emerge, is about banking.

Notable Quotes
Lisa Parry:

“There is a lot school leaders can do to sand the rough edges of life for students and teachers” 

“It’s really hard to make a fundamental change… its way easier to take something that is a habit and refine it.”


So many gold nuggets today; apply to AP’s work with teachers, but also to our own work; consider holding onto one these:
1.     Four career stages
2.     Incremental changes add up (e.g. 11-second pause)
3.     Deposits before withdrawals
4.     It’s not about us! + we fill in the blanks – usually wrongly and based on how we see the world.
5.     Working with teachers: blank to coloring book.

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Making Deposits with Lisa Parry
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