Strive for presence, not perfection with Angela Maiers

Today’s episode is packed full of amazing information, ideas, and inspiration. We are going to conclude today’s show with a simple technique for putting everything in the show into practice. It is simple, and you can become competent in the technique with almost no practice, and it will take you less than five minutes a day. The result will be profound. Please, walk with me through this episode and you can step out the other side refreshed, renewed, and ready.

Notable Quotes
Angela Maiers:
“Every person has a sign on them saying, “do I matter to you?” This is not a hollow question… this is encoded in our DNA.”
“The drive to matter affects everything from the moment we were born.”
“We don’t have to guess anymore, these practices make the biggest difference with people.”
“Mattering is the sense that you have significant to others… We need others around us to know we matter.”
“We asked 500,000 thousand kids one question: what would make you run to school on your worst day? The results came back – they wanted to know someone was excited about their existence.”
“Three behaviors: Noticing, naming, and meaning”
“Your presence is what it takes to make a mattering moment, 2-20 seconds.”
“When you go through the world feeling invisible, it changes your state.”
“Connection before content.”
“How you greet people and how you leave people are the two most important parts”
2-5-2 (2-20 seconds, how you greet and how you leave):
·      2: Pause, smile, look at them, (quadruple bonus points for slipping in their name)
·      5: Five people a day to acknowledge
·      2: Wow moments: 2 seconds to share something that made you smile
“Every single day I pick 3-5 people and I share something I noticed about them.”
“The purpose gets distorted… people matter and we need to start there,”
“Asking the second question, ‘no, really, how are you’ signals to you that I care.”

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Strive for presence, not perfection with Angela Maiers
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