Five for Friday May 15-20, 2023

If you listened to Tuesday’s incredible show with Tequilla Lamar, you noticed something new – music!

Mara and Collin have been suggesting for some time that we needed to add a few musical transitions, but I have been dragging my feet until I read a recent review of the show.

Shout out to soupman2545, who left a review that began glowingly…

“I am going to be an AP next year and have already begun using ideas from content in this podcast to improve my practice and increase my capacity in my current leadership position.”

I love getting kudos, but it was the next think part of the review that was golden:

“If I could offer one piece of feedback, it would be for show aesthetics… something so small as a jingle or catchy tune, might help hook others in and give them something to look forward to each week.”

Soupman2545, THANK YOU. It takes time and effort to write a review, and it takes a bit more to offer thoughtful feedback in a way that helps make things better.”

So, we are beginning this episode with a thank you to soupman2545- you have helped make us better.
Five for Friday May 15-20, 2023
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